Anno di pubblicazione: 2016

greenpeace_sfilata_detoxIt  is not a campaign of extreme environmentalists: the “tide” Detox is mounting and is making converts among the biggest global fashion groups that are now being analyzed, judged and assessed by the global consumer audience,  on the basis of their ETHICS towards the planet and the future generations.

It is a fact that in textiles  highly polluting and toxic substances dangerous to the environment and human health are used,  and it is a fact that many textile districts are becoming more and more aware.

We have been reported that at the recent Pitti Filati fair, many important companies of the Prato area,  are  already declaring,  in their press releases their adhesion  to the  Detox campaign of Greenpeace, and you can bet that soon many more, either for sensitivity or for convenience, will be added to the ranks.

Let us not be caught unprepared on this subject, which can be strongly discriminating or  can reward the District of Carpi compared to other productions less qualified than ours.

Look at this interesting  video: