One of the main objectives of the CARPI FASHION SYSTEM project is to support the SMEs of the Textile and Clothing sector of the district of Carpi, thanks to actions and projects allowing small companies to promote their collections and brands at a national and international level through an effective contact with the specialized press, both in the economic and fashion areas.

This branch of the project is therefore linked to the promotion of the district and its companies, pursuing two main objectives: the wide dissemination of information about the fashion district as a place of excellence in the manufacturing process and the support to companies in the improvement of their visibility through the design/ adoption of innovative promoting tools. The company websites, the social media, the promotion materials, the advertising in the media, the promotion events belong to this branch.


The activities currently planned are:

  • CARPI FASHION STORE – collective outlet in a multi-purpose location

A collective fashion store to be implemented in town aimed to draw customers and visitors in the district and to promote companies and their product thanks to a visual and commercial presence.The scope of the initiative is :

– to promote the town, the area and the fashion district , by diffusing the brand of Carpi, its know how and its products but also its characters in terms of way of life;

– to set out from invisibility local SMEs thanks to the force of the project, without deleting single distinctiveness;

– to create new sales and visibility channels for the promotion of the district product and brands;

– to create an attraction point able to point out and value the other town assets.

The action is currently under feasibility study and the information about it will be updated in progress.


Action, planned for summer 2015, aimed to bring the tourists from the Romagna coast and other tourist areas to Carpi, through a weekly day trip by bus which includes, among other activities, a visit near the district company outlets.

The activity of tourist incoming will be preceded by significant promotion actions near the tourist information points on the coast, the hotels, the Rimini airport and other innovative promotion services . The scope is to “channel” the tourists interest toward the fashion district of Carpi and to support the companies to communicate their presence on the market.