One of the project objectives is to implement an innovation permanent system, able to transfer the fashion companies knowledge and know how proposed by the national/international technology suppliers and researchers.

About this subject, the project will co-fund specific projects addressed to companies according to their innovation needs. In consideration of the innovation topics, the activities won’t be fastened or blocked on a single format but, on the contrary, they will be decided and launched in progress, through the use of multi-channels models.

The innovation will be developed by Democenter-Sipe which mission is to answer the innovation needs of the industrial sector; the Organization will carry our industrial research activities, technological innovation and transfer, information and promotion of the technology applications, workshops and exhibitions; moreover, they’ll implement actions of technological awareness addressed to homogeneous groups and will support single companies which decide to apply and adopt innovation.


Il lavoro è concentrato sul programma operativo per lo sviluppo dell’imminente Polo della Creatività:

– redazione del progetto operativo;

– progettazione spazi operativi del Fab Lab;

– progettazione spazi operativi di co-working;

– procedure di gestione;

– partecipazione a bandi per progetti di ricerca e innovazione finanziati da Regione e Unione Europea.

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