• Flexibility The “root stock” structure in the district allows a continuous adjustment to the market evolution and offers the possibility to react to its constant segmentation.
  • Specialization The productive cycle is dismantled and recomposed in a network of workshops with high specialization in each part of the process.
  • Innovation The constant requalification and technical innovation is a typical characteristic of the businesses in the district that quickly update their technological and productive methods.
  • Craftsmanship A series of products of high craftsmanship are possible only in a context where competences were deposited and transmitted for decades.
  • Creativity Many companies in the district are characterized by high creative capacity, which is at the disposal of investors.
  • Efficiency The highly developed competencies between firms offer the possibility of reaching extreme levels of efficiency even in small scale production and goods that vary in time.
  • Quality Unlike what happens with delocalized work, the structure of the district permits control of the production phases in a limited geographical area and maintain a high level of quality.
  • Vocation for export Since the birth of the district, the establishments have offered their products directly to foreign markets, starting a lasting and profitable dialogue with buyers and foreign clients, receiving precious feedback. Even smaller companies are able to manage satisfying business relationships abroad today.