Fashion district

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The industrial textile-clothing District of Carpi is one of the most important in Italy and one of the few effective throughout Europe.

By tradition it is specialized in production of knitwear and clothing, and its strength lies in the high production capacity of small and medium enterprises, which were able to coordinate creativity, design and excellent technical standards in the yarn manufacturing.

The firms in the District have developed distinct abilities, know how and efficiency in a logic of integrated supply chain. The outcome is a competitive network capable of providing either highly specialized services or complete management of the entire production process. This functional network can run with great flexibility according to the production needs.

The District is an “intelligent” network, in which creativity and innovation are spread at each stage of the process, from concept to delivery, so as to add value at every phase of manufacture.

The productive core is supported by a series of services: there are many companies specialized in fashion packaging, specific software, logistics, creative consulting, communication and photographic services. The concentration of such functional skills in a limited geographical area is a major competitive advantage for the development and promotion of “Made in Italy”.


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