Facts and figures

261 firms project, produce or have produce and commercialize their products.

  • 107 (41%) produce Knitwear
  • 45 (17%) produce Clothing
  • 109 (42%) produce both Knitwear and Clothing

628 subcontract firms fulfill specific phases of the productive cycle.

  • 201 carry out the CUTTING and SEWING of the clothing item;
  • 128 specifically deal with the final phases of the process: IRONING, application of the labels, quality CONTROL and packaging of the clothing item;
  • 118 are WEAVING mills that produce knitted fabrics, jersey and traditional fabrics;
  • 70 are specialized in the making of EMBROIDERIES and APPLICATIONS on the items with different technologies;
  • 57 realize the finished garment;
  • 44 offer SPECIAL MANUFACTURING, such as pleating of fabrics, various types of washings and other manipulations;
  • 10 are DYEING plants: doing the dyeing of yarn, fabrics and finished garments.

60 Firms that produce intermediate goods and accessories:

  • 20 supply accessories for clothing and knitwear: zippers, buttons, etc.;
  • 30 plan and produce fabric or printed labels and tags;
  • 10 supply hangers, mannequins and the packaging for clothing.

Many enterprises developed different services to support the sector.
Over a 100 of these supply specialized and dedicated services:

  • 50 offer expert advice about fashion design and modeling;
  • 10 design and produce catalogues and window posters, audio and video materials;
  • 10 offer fashion photographic services, PR and communication;
  • 15 supply logistic services specific for fashion;
  • 16 deal with planning and development of management software for clothing companies to support their sale points.

The Carpi District is one of the main producers of knitwear and clothing in Italy and consists of more than 1.000 firms with about 7.000 employees. Develops a turnover of 1.500 million euros, 36% of wich is intended for export.

Revenues of the production of the district

  • 82% Women’s clothing
  • 10% Men’s clothing
  • 6,5% Children’s clothing
  • 1,5% Unisex clothing

Type of offer: total look

  • 51% Outwear fabric
  • 33% Outwear knitwear
  • 5% Underwear and swimwear
  • 11% Accessories

Among the 1.000 companies that form the District:

  • 261 are FINAL COMPANIES, namely firms that design their
    own collections, coordinate their production and commercialize
    their products;
  • 628 are SUBCONTRACTED firms, that are companies with different specializations in a particular phase or several phases of the productive process;
  • about 60 are firms that supply ACCESSORIES for the production of PACKAGING products for selling;
  • over 100 firms supply the final companies with several SERVICES: from design consultancy to management software programs.

The data are from the 11th Observatory of Textile Clothing in the District of Carpi, made by the Institute of Research R & I. You can download the full research at the following link: