Anno di pubblicazione: 2020

The event scheduled for Carpi on 12-14 May, attracting visitors from around the world, will not be staged due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Moda Makers staff are at work to give companies the chance to display samples online 

“Moda Makers organisational staff is hard at work to find alternative solutions that, using online technology, will allow participating companies who so desire the chance to show clients their creations, even if they will not be in Carpi”. This is how Stefania Gasparini, Deputy Mayor and Economics Councillor for Carpi Municipal Council, announced that the 9th edition of Moda Makers will not be held due to the global lockdown measures taken to combat the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. The event, promoted by Carpi Fashion System and organised by the Consorzio ExpoModena, brings together over 60 textile-clothing companies and was to have been held on 12-14 May 2020. As usual, buyers from around the world were expected to attend.

“As it is an important occasion for the area’s SMEs, this is not an announcement we wanted to make”, continued Gasparini. “However, current conditions do not allow an event that owes its success mainly to the participation of overseas buyers to be successfully staged. The participation of these buyers in the month of May would be highly improbable. It is no coincidence that other large events, both in Italy and abroad, have been cancelled”. 

Moda Makers staff, renowned as for their flexibility, are monitoring the evolving situation for any significant changes: “We will keep monitoring things day by day. However, as we would like to give our companies a precious opportunity to sell their creations, we are working on an alternative solution that will allow clients from around the world to view samples online and then to place their orders”.