Anno di pubblicazione: 2018


A great turnout for Moda Makers’ promoters and companies, which has outnumbered the previous edition with an increase in foreign visitors.


Moda Makers’ 5th edition has ended today, 17th May. The now well established appointment with Carpi’s textile and clothing industry has hosted buyers coming from over 40 different countries, which had the opportunity of viewing the S/S 2019 collections.

The companies involved in the event have expressed their satisfaction regarding the number of visitors which has grown since the previous edition reaching a total of 1100 participations. Furthermore Carpi Fashion System Centre, located in via dell’Agricoltura,  is the new permanent location of the event and it can host the 60 firms which now represent Moda Makers as one of the leading  fashion events in Europe.


The visitors’ number has confirmed the positive turnout registered throughout the event:  the total number has increased by 10% compared to November’s edition.

The collaboration between SME, trade associations and institutions brought together more than 10.000 samples of ready-to-wear and knitwear creations, cut and sew knitwear and shirts.

70% of the visitors consisted of buyers and their agencies coming from different countries, mainly Japan, followed by Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Canada, France, Greece and US.


This year, for the first time, a fashion show organised by RC Fashion has taken place in the amazing location of Cortile d’Onore in Palazzo dei Pio. Here 8 companies presented their collections in a catwalk dedicated to Moda Makers’ buyers.


Carpi Fashion System has already scheduled an appointment prior to Moda Makers’  Fall/Winter edition. The incoming will take place between the 29th and the 30th May at Palazzo dei Pio with B2B meetings between companies and foreign buyers.


In the words of Simone Morelli, Carpi’s Economy Assessor “The success of this event lies in the vision and determination of the participating companies which rely on Moda Makers as well as the authorities involved in Carpi Fashion System and the support of Expo Modena. We are on the right path and we will continue in this direction. I would also like to thank the Region and the chamber of commerce of Modena which support the companies of the district  and we hope that they will be further involved in this project.”


Moda Makers is promoted by the organiser, Expo Modena and Carpi Fashion System, along with the plan of promoting the firms of the fashion district fostered by the business association of the area, CNA, LAPAM-Confartigianato, CONFINDUSTRIA EMILIA and the district of Carpi, with the fundamental contribution of Fondazione CR Carpi which deserves a special mention.



The sponsor of Moda Makers are: BPER Banca, Assicurazioni Generali – Agenzia di Mirandola, Eliotecnica Stermieri, Garden Vivai Morselli, Marigot Group, 2G and Soft in Time.


Participating companies: Alexander, A. Lisa Mood, Amor, Angela F, Ann Max, Blue Moon (Blue Verona), Brillante (Brillante Bologna), Capriccioli (Simona Vignoli), Carpi Export (RossoPerla), Creazioni 2000 (Tina), Creazioni Graziella (Acquamarine Fashion), Creazioni Nigi’s (Nives Morà), Cusuti (Industrial), Dani Confezioni (VLT’S by Valentina’s), Dema (Anna Cristy), Dielle (Dielle Knitwear), Donne da Sogno, Emmegi 2, Eredi Lamperti (Lamperti Via Montenapoleone), ErreEsse Lab (T-shirt Art), Etc 2.0, Famar, GBM, Gi & Di (Acquachiara), Gigliorosso, Gil (Gisella M), Gironacci Arduino (Gironacci 1969), GlòdiModa, Guerzon (Valentina), I Complici (By me), Idea Tessile, Il Trifoglio Confezioni, Io e te maglierie (Nicole et Charlotte), Incontro (Amethist), Kodama Mode (Luisa Pellicelli), Linea Donna (Lorella Sgarbi), Maglieria Paola Davoli (Paola Davoli), Maglificio Castiglioni (Annare’), Milva P, Mita, Moda Milena (Le Maglie di Milly G), Mori Castello,’, On Logo, Patry Confezioni (Patry collezioni), S&M Group (Elisabetta Minelli), SEA, Settepuntozero, Settimocielo, Severi Silvio, Shanti (Up to you), Sorriso, Spruzzi (Donatella de Paoli), Stilconf (Anna Falk),  Tabula Rasa, Talea by Perini, Vezzo, Walmode, Ypsilon, Yulkis (Eleonora Amadei). A total of 15 new companies took part in the event and 17 come from outsdie Emilia Romagna.

A description of the companies and their collections is available at