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From the 6th to 8th November hundreds of visitors coming from  approximately 40 different countries are expected to take part in the event. The companies have a total turnover of more than 93 ML Euro.   

The numbers of Moda Makers, the event dedicated to the companies of the textile and clothing district of Carpi, keep growing. Moda Makers has reached its 6th edition and will open its doors to business operators, especially buyers, from Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th November.

64 companies with a total annual revenue of nearly 94 ML Euro in 2017 and about 500 employers, will take part in the event. What has become the only event dedicated to quick-response in Italy and the most important in Europe, will host 13 new companies. 41 of them work within Emilia Romagna (35 are from Carpi) and 23 come from other Italian regions.

Thousands of A/W 2019-2020 samples of knitwear, tailoring, shirts and outerwear will be exhibited at the Carpi Fashion System Center. With a 2700 sm area distributed on two floors the Center has been selected by Comune di Carpi for its strategic position.

This is an increasingly important appointment for Carpi’s fashion district and for the entire region. The organisation has played a crucial role in the increase of the number of participants over the five editions which has lead the event to becoming an essential appointment for this sector on a national scale. Moreover, these numbers would have not been reached without the constant effort of the system put in place by the entrepreneurs involved in the technical panel participating together at a decision-making level as well as in the implementation phase and with the partnership with Expo Modena which coordinates Moda Makers on behalf of Carpi Fashion System.  Carpi Fashion System aims at promoting the companies of the Fashion District and is fostered by the business association of the area, CNA, LAPAM-Confartigianato, CONFINDUSTRIA Emilia and the district of Carpi, with the fundamental contribution of Fondazione CR Carpi.

Companies taking part to the event: (brand, indicato tra parentesi): A. Lisa Mood, Angela F, Anna Falk (Stilconf), Blue Moon (Blue Verona), Brillante (Brillante Bologna), Capriccioli (Simona Vignoli), Carpi Export (Paola Casarini per RossoPerla), Club Voltaire, Creazioni 2000 (Tina), Creazioni Graziella (Acquamarine Fashion), Cristina Gavioli, Cocoba Fashion House, Dani Confezioni (VLT’S by Valentina’s), Dema (Anna Cristy), Dielle (Dielle Knitwear), Donne da Sogno, Emmegi 2, Eredi Fausto Lamperti (Maglificio Lamperti Via Montenapoleone), ErreEsse Lab (T-shirt Art), Etc 2.0, Famar, GBM, Gi & Di (Acquachiara), Gigliorosso, Gil (Gisella M), Gironacci Arduino (Gironacci 1969), GlòdiModa, Goldme Italia (Il vento e la seta), Guerzon (Valentina), I Complici (By me), Idea Tessile, Il Trifoglio (Il Trifoglio Confezioni), Io e te maglierie (Nicole et Charlotte), IVI (Ivi shock), Linea Donna (Lorella Sgarbi), Mabal (Cinzia Caldi), Maglieria Paola Davoli (Paola Davoli), Maglificio Castiglioni (Annare’), Mita, Moda Milena (Le Maglie di Milly G), Mode, Mori Castello,’, New Treconf (Elgi, Lea Bruni), On Logo, Patry Confezioni (Patry collezioni), Pour Moi (Pour Moi Maglieria Italiana), S&M Group (Elisabetta Minelli), SEA, Settepuntozero, Settimocielo, Severi Silvio, Shanti (Up to you), Sorriso, Spruzzi (Donatella de Paoli), Superior Suite (Superior Conferzioni), Tabula Rasa,  Veronica Effe, Vezzo, Walmode, Weg Fashion Group, Yulkis (Eleonora Amadei) e Zanetti Moda (Titazen).

Many are the services which visitors and clients can benefit from during their stay in Carpi, amongst them: free parking space, cafeteria, transfers to and from Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana station and Bologna airport.

In order to take part in this exclusive fashion event buyers and clients are required to sign up on our website and complete the online form, this will speed up the process at the entrance (the procedure is only available to business operators with a priority for buyers, shop owners or shop chains). Furthermore directions to the location of the event, suggested hotels and restaurants are listed on the website. Our staff will be happy to help buyers arrive at the exhibition area located in the industrial district of Carpi.

Tuesday 6th, Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th of Novemebr the exhibition will be open from 9.00 a.m. till 6.00 p.m. The opening ceremony will take place on Tuesday 6th Novemebr at 10.30 a.m.

Simone Morelli has welcomed this new edition of the event with enthusiasm: “Moda Makers has become a successful event which is now nationally and internationally recognised. This project has been made possible thanks to Carpi Fashion System, which allows all the entities involved, from firms to trade associations, Fondazione CR Carpi, the Chamber of Commerce and the Region to have the opportunity of working together in a constant debate which proves to be beneficial to the system. The success of Carpi within the fashion world is due also to the people who believed in this project and continue to work towards a common goal.”

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Free Admission Reserved To Professional Traders Only