Everything starts from the prototype …

Anno di pubblicazione: 2016

In a few days, September 27 the refresher training course “MANUFACTURING THE PROTOTYPE”, organised by  Formodena,  will start in the headquarters of  Carpi Fashion System, via Marx 131/a. The 70 hour course, is part of the extensive training  programme of  CFS.

imagesThe first day of the course is intended to explain to the students that in the world of fashion, the products are good good if the prototype from which they originated is excellent, so their chance of success is  due for  the 90% to  a good prototype.

This is enough to stress the importance of acquiring  the necessary technique for the realization of the prototype.

The course, which kicks off Tuesday, September 27, has had a number of previous editions that have obtained a  positive outcome  among the participants.

Informazioni ai seguenti recapiti:

tel. 059 699 554   carpi@formodena.it