Anno di pubblicazione: 2016



12 December  2016  at 17.30, Sala dei Cimieri Piazza Re Astolfo, Carpi

Project rif. P.A.2016-5504/RER approved by Regione Emilia Romagna, co-funded by the European Social Fund.
Lecturers: Emilio Bonfiglioli – textile chemist, Fabio Guenza – Company consultant  for Sustainable Marketing and Internationalisation
Presentations by testimonials  of prestigious brands and companies that have already adopted the Detox  philosophy and  programs.berbrand_detox_banner

No  international NGO campaign has probably had such an impact on an industry like that of Detox on fashion (textile and clothing). From 2011 to  today, the theme of responsible management of dangerous  chemicals has spread like wildfire among the international brands and, backwards, on their supply chains. This applies to all market segments, from luxury to fast fashion, from sportswear to outdoor, from premium retail  to the GDO; 28 international brands and 50 Italian supplier have directly committed to  Detox.

Irrespective of Detox, “clean chemical” has become a must that no brand or supplier can  avoid, at least at level of compliance, if they  want  to remain on the market. Moreover  we can’t forget the other issues of Clean Fashion which  endanger reputation and marketing and offer competitive advantages to the brands committed to innovate their offer and their relationship with stakeholders and  media: recycling,  conditions of workers, animal welfare, transparency…

While some historical brands  and start-ups, and the suppliers which  work for them, take advantage  of their capacity to develop new value proposals, many others ignore  the issue and are likely to end up in the cross hair of the media and environmental groups, animal-rights or workers-protection activists, becoming this way negative protagonists of cases destined to remain for  long time  in the collective unconsciuos :  for example “Le Iene and  Roberto Cavalli, Report and  Moncler, Benetton and the  Rana Plaza.”

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