Learning “sustainable Fashion”

    Anno di pubblicazione: 2016


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    CARPI – The seminar presentation of the courses dedicated to the Green Fashion took place last Monday at    Sala dei Cimieri at Palazzo dei Pio. The courses are  organized by Formodena thanks to the financial resources of the  European Social Fund, granted by the Emilia Romagna Region.  The seminar, supported by the project Carpi Fashion System, was attended by about  twenty district companies and   textile operators in order to know   the opporunities offered by the courses on fundamental principles of sustainable green products and textile processes.

    The courses, which will start at the beginning of 2017 and will take place in Formodena headquarters  (with the possibility of individual counselling to companies) will focus on various topics.

    The first course (15 hours) focused on “Detox: health and environment in  fashion industry”, will be conducted   by the chemist Emilio Bonfiglioli (pictured) and  will deepen the rules of the European Reach Regulation and the principles of the Detox campaign launched by Greenpeace which requires, by 2020, the elimination of eleven toxic substances in the world of textile production. The second one “The chemistry we dress”, always conducted by Bonfiglioli  for 15 hours, goes  into detail: from the list of dangerous  substances and toxic material traceability, by checking the responsibilities for manufacturers. The third course (20 hours), will be conducted by Fabio Guenza and will be addressed to  aspects related to communication and marketing of “sustainable fashion”.  The business consultant has in fact explained to the audience that  the fact of neglecting  the concept of “clean fashion” may involve reputational and image risks, since the theme of fashion “zero impact” is spreading like wildfire among the most  famous brands: nowadays in fact   28 international brands and 50 Italian suppliers  are already engaged in Detox.   (CLA.ROS.)


    VOCE, 15 December  2016