The price? In the downgrade of fabrics

Anno di pubblicazione: 2016

Fabrizio Franchi, from Prato, has been  living the  different textile ages.

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He has been an agent of many  Prato weaving mills  for  35 years. For  Carpi and for many companies of Emilia.  He began with Jersey cloth  and established himself with fleece and pile. ”  “There is no longer the knowledge of fabric we had in the past – he claims –. Nobody goes to check  the composition anymore”.

Interview with Fabrizio Franchi, sales representative of fabrics and precious witness to figure out where fashion is going; he has been working for 35 years with many Carpi companies by supplying them with fabrics for the garment production.
Franchi tells how the textile history of Carpi is marked by the success of certain garments, models or type of  manufacturing: for example the Korean collar and  the fleece sweaters in the early 80s and  the success of pile declined in all possible weights at the end of the millenium.
Speaking about the current situation  it is inevitable to arrive to talk about  prices, outsourcing, Chinese producers and consumers who prefer to look for the shape and  find the fashion trends in a garment, rather than require the quality of fabrics. As regards  the fabric theme, the sales agent emphasizes that the majority of final customers don’t know anymore the different kind of fabrics, their quality or value; they are  in fact no more interested in the fabric composition,  they don’t know anymore what is a “good product”. Or at least the consumer judges a garment as “good” according to its form, color, fashion trend and price. Certainly not for the fabric or the quality of manufacturing (Florio Magnanini)
VOCE, 1 settembre 2016