Anno di pubblicazione: 2017

Nicola Nannavecchia Doc/film


On 30   and  31   May  13 foreign operators, selected according to the company profiles,  

will be in the heart of Carpi for the B2B meetings.

30 companies will participate, on Tuesday  30 and Wednesday 31  May, to the Incoming of foreign operators and buyers,  organized  in Carpi by  Carpi Fashion System – the  project of enhancement  of the district textile and clothing companies  promoted by the local Company Associations, CNA, LAPAM-Confartigianato, CONFINDUSTRIA and by the  Municipality of  Carpi, thanks to the decisive grant of the CR Carpi Foundation – in collaboration with Promec. In the city centre, in the gorgeous  historic setting of  Sala Cervi at  the Palazzo dei Pio,  13 operators from  5 Countries – 4 from Germany, 2 from  Japan, 2 from Russia, 2 from United Kingdom and 3 from Spain – specifically selected according to the profile of participants, will  meet companies specialized in   women’s clothing and accessories  for  medium and large retail sector  and wholesale, which will have, in  this way the opportunity to show their collections Spring/Summer 2018 with flash Autumn/Winter 2017-18,  in order to start new important  businessrelationships. The planned 145B2B meetings will be held over the two days, from 9:00  to 13:00 with the possibility to visit companies in the afternoon, subject to  a potential interest expressed by foreign operators and organizers.   Key players of the meeting will be  the companies A. Lisa Mood, Angela F, Big Dolby, Crea Si, Creazioni 2000, Creazioni Rosanna & Co, Dielle, Donne Da Sogno, Gi & Di, Giglio Rosso, Gil, Giovani Idee, Gli Angeli Tricot, Glò di Moda, Guerzon, Idea Tessile, Io e Te Maglierie, Libera, Linea Donna, Maglierie Ellegi, Mr Giuly Mode, Ribelle, Settimo Cielo, S&M Group, Sorriso, Spruzzi, Ventanni, Veronica Effe, Weg Fashion Group and  Yulkis.   Each of the participating companies will have their own space to be able to  welcome    foreign operators and show  their collections. In order to facilitate conversation and agreements there will be the support  of an interpreter for each foreign operator. “After the success of Moda  Makers we don’t stop but we are relaunching  with this new business opportunity for the district companies – says  the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for the Economy of the Municipality of Carpi Simone Morelli –because if there’s one thing that the  textile clothing system of  Carpi is proving it’ is  it can still  be a   reference point  for the international markets. This train travels very fast, but companies have proved  to have every intention to get on it. On  our part, thanks to the Carpi Fashion System support,  we will help them with all our might and energy  to achieve the goal.”   For further information, please visit the Facebook page  CFS Carpi Fashion System.