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Match Italia International with its brand LE FATE has been present on the market for over 30 years. The company is dynamic and open to innovation without leaving out the handicraft kno-how which marks its quality product, all made in Italy. Fifteen years ago the company decided to address its brand LE FATE to the retail market, medium-high segment, gaining in a short time a notable space first in Italy and then in Europe, Russia and China.
With the collection LE FATE is a total look for young women, manufactured with italian high quality fabrics and exclusive prints, the company takes part to international fairs and exhibitions, such as
Who’s Next Paris, MIPAP Milan, Cpm Moscow, Chic Shanghai, Fashion House Dusseldorf. At present the export percentace is the 65% of the turnover and the company is continuosly at the research of new international markets without excluding the domestic one.
The collection is composed by different “capsules”, a style concept which aims for decorations such as inlaids, jacquards, romantic prints lightened by lurex, stone applications, rhinestones, lace for rich but not too much moods. The used fabrics, such as cashmere, viscose and silk have a romantic allure.
The collection includes sweaters, dresse, skirts, trousers, jackets and downs, giving this way the customer a wide opportunity to choose and co-ordinate the garment and create customized looks.

Contact persons
Sauro Degliesposti
Gemma Degliesposti

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