EMANUELA CONTINI consulenze tessili

Free-lance business and textile consultancy, for R&D, coordination, planning and scheduling of women’s collections.
Research of trends and moods.
Selection of yarns, fabrics and accessories.
Revision/correction of prototypes and samples approval for the production.
Presentation of collections to the trade and representatives.
Sales analysis.
Production support for the manufacturing abroad.
Collaboration with kniotwear companies in style and product area. Research of yarns and stitches.
Coordination of the collection image and of matching of fabrics/yarns.
Participation to the mauin trade fairs both in Italy and abroad.
Planning and organizing of meetings for the presentation of fashion trends (Collections and ready- to -wear).
Teaching activities both in training institutions and in companies.
-Training subjects: fashion design and programming of the collections. Textile technology, fibres, fabrics and yarns.
Classification and use of materials for the manufacture of the garment. Definition, selection and use of accessories. Information and fashion trends research.
The professional is included in the register of Experts of professional area/qualification (EAPQ) of the Region Emilia Romagna; this allows her to take part to the examination boards for the qualifications of “Clothing Operator”, “Marketing technician” and “Fashion Designer”.

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