CATA1 S.r.l.

Cata1 is a software house with over 30 years experience which provides information technology solutions designed and developed specifically for SMEs of the fashion industry.
The different solutions are grouped in the Suite DRESS.
• DRESS ERP is the management system managing all the IT aspects of the company.
• DRESS RETAIL allows the complete and easy management of stores, ranging from flagship stores to corner shops.
• DRESS B2B is the Cata1 tool (WEB or iPAD) for the management of orders and commercial information between the company and external partners (agents, distributors and customers).
• DRESS PDM is the software for the collection and organization of data in the product design and creation stage; from prototyping to sampling to the production.
• DRESS e-Commerce is the CATA1 platform dedicated to e- commerce, perfectly integrated with the management: it track sorders, promotes sales and manages shipments. it is flexible in functionality and interface and it is optimized for different devices : PC, tablet and smartphones.

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