B Group has been operating for over 30 years at the Customers’ service; they choose the company thanks to its high competence, reliability and attention to detail which distinguishes it. The competence of qualified staff and the development of specific Process Guidelines allow the company to reach high quality standards, keeping virtually zero customer returns. The company takes on responsibility of outsourcing part of the work to other companies if special competences or machines are needed, such as dyeing-mills or printing houses. The customer will be, this way, relieved from such charges despite having the full supervision and will be able to allocate more resources to fashion design and marketing. Thanks to its dynamic structure, B Group is able to meet the needs of flexibility and reliability of the Fashion logistic, in Italy and all over the world. The company know-how is constantly renewed at different levels, through the periodic training of staff and the daily experience gained with its customers in a profitable partnership relationship.

Machinery / Finishing
B Group provides integrated services of Logistics, Management and Transport of finished and/or semifinished garments; its 6 plants in Europe and the 8 ones in Asia guarantee the handling of more than 50 millions garments and accessories, 5 millions fabric metres in 90.000 square metres of warehouse. It also provides services of Custom warehouse, Statistical Quality Control of the incoming orders, samples management, returns from shops management, e-commerce service management.
Dedicated and tailored management softwares. In the premises of Rolo there is the “Fashion Care” department, in which operations of quality control and restoration of all typologies of garments are performed. Moreover in the division we carry out activities of stain removal, looping, hand and machine restorations, ironing, recovery and sanitation of footwear and leather bags. The division covers 10.000 square meters and is equipped with all the machinery needed for the workings, including 2 packaging automatic machines and 2 Veit tunnels for the hanging garments.

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