Anno di pubblicazione: 2016

    Notizie, 5 giugno 2016

    Imm.neVOCE060631 district fashion companies, 12 professionals and buyers from 5 Countries and 130 B2B: these are the numbers of the incoming event organized by Carpi Fashion System.

    Success and acclaim for the fourth edition of the Incoming event between 31 district fashion companies and 12 foreign buyers, promoted by the Carpi Fashion System project in collaboration with  the  CR Carpi Foundation, the Municipality of Carpi and the Entrepreneurs Associations  CNA, Confindustria and  Lapam, and the organizational support of Promec.

    Last 31 of May, in the  gorgeous  setting of the honour courtyard of the Palazzo dei Pio 31 companies  (number constantly growing compared to the previous editions) showed their collections Spring/Summer 2017 with some samples of Autums/Winter 2016-17 and met 12 buyers  from Uunited Kingdom, Ireland, France, Switzerland and South Korea.  Through the matching  of the product typologies   manufactured by the participating companies  with different types of potential customers (wholesalers, distributors, retailers…)  a selection activity has been carried out   and, on the basis of the mutual interests of companies and buyers ,  over 130  B2B meetings near the companies have been set .    Simone Morelli, council member for the Trade is satisfied and claims: “This event  is part of a broader project of relaunching of the city which puts together fashion, culture and history”.  And the representatives of the company Associations: “Exhibitors and visitors were enthusiastic about this new location which has perfectly combined the architectural beauties of our territory with the productive excellences.   The constant growth confirms the format suitability and positivity. The participating buyers were qualified,  interesting for and interested to our companies “. The company owners too express their satisfaction: ” It’s a good way to present ourselves on the international markets and to build contacts and relationships. Moreover we promoted in an original way our Castle. ”

    Finally many companies underline the effectiveness of  the network created among the sector stakeholders and the positivity   of putting together needs, ideas and solutions.”