But, where’s Monica Bellucci?

    Anno di pubblicazione: 2016

    Among the  women of the master Helmut Newton, one in particular populates the male unconscious. Icon of extraordinary beauty and muse of directors and photographs, Monica Bellucci, not by chance , stands on the posters that sponsor the exhibition of Newton at Palazzo Pio.

    Schermata 2016-09-16 alle 13.46.46 Like it or not, Newton is one of the greatest. Provocative, revolutionary. Brilliant. His women are subjects: alive, protagonists and never reduced to mere sex objects like someone whispered and not too softly. This exhibition deserves to be, at last, promoted. As much as possible and by any means. So why the posters with Monica Bellucci stand out into the Courtyard of Honour and not overlook Piazza Martiri? Why has it been chosen to display, on the palace, some faint banners announcing the exhibition title, absolutely lacking of the evoking power of the images instead of big posters reproducing some master’s shots? Of course not everyone in town knows Newton – truth so bitter as true – but catching the eye, perhaps distracted, with a giant poster of a shot, could bring within the walls of the palace also a different and wider audience. … (Jessica Bianchi)