The Volleyball “Mondial” team parades with Daniela Dallavalle

    Anno di pubblicazione: 2016

    Last  14 December, during  the presentation  of the collection Elisa Cavaletti Autumn/ Winter 2017/18 , Daniela Dallavalle made some volleyball players  walk the runway  with  her Art knitwear.Schermata 2016-12-27 alle 10.40.33

    Daniela Dallavalle   proves  to be  one of the most sensitive, eclectic and experimental fashion designers of our district, letting  imagination get wild in order to see reality in an unconventional way and speak a new language. She thinks  the foundation of creativity is the ability to surprise, always looking for a story of beauty and passion to tell.   According to   Dallavalle, the passion and dedication to become  a perfect boss, are the same to be  used to reach  sporting achievements.  In accordance with Daniela’s mantra   “Love is the answer”, 12 brave and athletic volleyball players, invited by their vice-president   Nicola Santunione, took a challenge off the sports perimeter, wearing the role of models and giving the international guests visiting the Baracca sul mare company,  an unusual perspective on the world fashion.

    Tempo, 23 December 2016