Winning fair, even better than Florence

    Anno di pubblicazione: 2016

    Pleased  the exhibitors, over  450 visits the first  2 days

    Schermata 2016-11-18 alle 10.41.59

    The satisfacion of organizers, exhibitors and visitors is unanimous. The fair created by companies of the textile district of Carpi with an innovative formula which is based on collaboration between businesses and aims to a collective appreciation for this Second Edition.  Schermata 2016-11-18 alle 10.41.59  Niko Mecugni (maglierie Ellegi) and Fabrizio and  Daniele Stermieri (Paola Davoli) among the entrepreneurs-promoters of the fair   declare «We are very pleased; as organizers, the nicest compliment we received   is that it doesn’t seems a “new event but a very consolidated one. We tried to ‘ cuddle ‘ customers in every aspect: transport, hospitality, internal wi fi, lunch in the  the Palace of Pio. Another aspect of satisfaction is that before,  the customers were based   in Florence and they used ‘possibly’  to come   to Carpi after the fair (Moda Prima). Now the trend is reversed: the hub is Moda  Makers and ‘ possibly ‘ they will make a step in Florence».

    «At last a proper edition -says  Simone Severi (Silvio Severi)-  and  coherent with our  point of excellence: knitwear . We ‘brought’ home our clients. Although we should not forget that the real fashion is in Milan: the real goal would bring 50  companies  from Carpi in the capital of fashion.

    AMONG the EXHIBITORS, there are those who take part to Moda Makers for  the first time, as Marco Di Lorenzo (Dielle): “All very positive, location and  organization;  we have already had several contacts, both Italian and foreign, and all they confirmed that this fair is more attractive than Moda Prima». And those who took part to the  to ‘ zero ‘ edition and are  ready for the next one: «It’s going to be  great, we’re so busy with buyers  that we haven’t yet been able have a look to the others stands»  says Rosanna Crevatin (Rosanna& Co). «Very good for us but also for what it generates for Carpi».

    Satisfaction for the promoters too:   «To do an analysis- says  Carlo Alberto Medici-  Lapam-  it will be necessary to wait tomorrow when the event will close (today for the reader), but we are already very happy: in addition to the registered visitors, there are also new faces». «We are in a tensile structure – continues  Roberto Bonasi- Cna and president of  Expo Modena- but there is no sense of precariousness: everybody’s appreciating the refined, comfortable and aesthetically beautiful space. We have created a ‘ tailored suit ‘ for companies, without any division, where customers can find what they need».

    As confirmed by two  buyers  from Madrid: ” this fair is really clever: here we can  find our usual suppliers and make new ones. And then they are so friendly people from Carpi! ».  (MARIA SILVIA CABRI)

    Il Resto del Carlino (Modena) 17/11/2016