ARTEPIEGA s.n.c. di Cavallini Aimone

Via Grandi, 53 - 41033 Concordia S/Secchia - MO

Phone (+39) 0535 55697
Fax (+39) 0535 54363

Contact persons
Iuri Cavallini

  • Sub-contracting companies
    • Dyeing / Finishing

The company is specialized in the fold, pleating and crumpling of fabrics and hides, both for small and big final companies.
We can make the adhesivation of square footage fabric, through a soluble adhesive; we can also couple two different textile materials, using a soluble adhesive.
We adopt artisan methods combined with the great potentiality given by sophisticated and tecnologically advanced machinery.
The company is well-known for fold of corsetry, swimsuits, leather goods, childrenwear, knitwear and home linen.
The company can also deal with high quantities and offer its services to companies which produce formal and ceremony garments, swimsuits and loungewear, underwear and lingerie.

Machinery / Finishing
Machinery for fold, pleating and crumpling fabrics and leather