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    Schermata 2016-11-10 alle 18.13.21THE  SECOND EDITION OF  MODA MAKERS AT THE KICK-OFF


    From  23 to  44 exhibitors  ( 38 of the district), from  320 to over 500 buyers, from 2 thousands up  to  over  6 thoudands women’s fashion models, from  2 to  3 days, from 600 to  1.250  square meters of the exhibition area : these are the figures  of the second edition of Moda Makers, the fair -event which will be  hosted in Carpi, Piazza  Re Astolfo, from Tuesday 15 to Thursday 17 November, a fashion exhibition created by the companies of the district  apparel industry together with  ExpoModena, Cna, Confndustria, Confartigianato-Lapam and supported by the Municipality of Carpi and Carpi Fashion System. Remarkable numbers so as to make it one of the largest sector events at national level, with visitors coming from more than 40 Countries. The satisfaction of  promoters is clear: “Moda Makers –explains the deputy mayor  Simone Morelli – is the finish line, the perfect summary of a long path, of a bet on the relaunch of the entrepreneurial excellences.  The result of a deep determination and  the ability to work together,  all characteristics without which we would not be here . It ‘s an honor to host such an important event in the historical centre, where visitors will be able to  discover,  in addition to fashion proposals and collections,  also the exhibition of Newton at the museum  and our architectural and historical  beauties.

    The event, specifically addressed to fashion  stakeholders was born  from  an innovative concept of synergy between the participating companies, in other words from the will of the companies to  put in common their   customers contact details , in order to expand their markets. “This cooperation among SME’s is the sign of an important cultural transition – comments   Roberto Bonasi , President of Expomodena –and  I would underline  as synergies are related  to the territory  as a whole, with agreements with hotels, restaurants, taxi services and so on.  This means we were fully committed  to take care  of our visitors  also in terms of hostpitality”.

    What makes the event special, is the fact that the entrepreneurs take part to the operating table: “We did  our uttermost – explain Niko Mecugni, owner of  Maglierie Elle-gi and Fabrizio Stermieri of  Paola Davoli –to offer the best  service, in terms of both product research of hospitality. If you consider a time of at least 30 minutes to visit each stand, more than 20 hours will be necessaty to visit the whole  exhibition; so the buyers  will stay in  Carpi more than one day, being able, this way,  to enjoy the city and a dinner offered  by the organization”. Thousands of women’s fashion proposals (knitwear, clothing, shirts, outwear and so on)  are part of the Autumn/Winter collections 2017/2018)  and at least 15 the left out companies  due to space limitations. And if the fair were to grow further?  Morelli is clear: ” Our main task, as Administrators  is to put entrepreneurs in the best  conditions  to highlight the value of  their  companies and products on the international scene. For this, if the numbers were still increasing, we would not hesitate to make available the main square of the city, Piazza Martiri“. A catalog of the participating companies is going to be published  A.Lisa Mood, Ann Max, Angela F, Lungidame, Opificio Modenese, Creazioni Rosanna & Co., Donne da Sogno, Donatella De Paoli, Eccentrica, Cuore di Maglia, Acquachiara, Gigliorosso, Gil, Ciò di Moda, Alma Righi, Ilenia B., Elisabetta Minelli Collection, IO & TE Maglierie, Linea Donna, Paola Davoli, Ma-glierie Ellegi, Maglificio FraRosa, Dielle, Acquabymita, Le maglie di Milly, Mr. Giuly, Antonella Razzoli, Rosso Perla, Bellwood, Victoria C., Severi Silvio, Maglificio Sorriso, S&M Group, Veronica Effe, Roberta Neri, Weg Fashion, Eleonora Amadei

    The  official opening will be on Tuesday 15 at 10.00.  In short, this second edition, which already before the  beginning  has far exceeded the numbers of the previous edition, is emerging as another positive sign for company managers   who think that, along with experience, professionalism and excellence,  there is a need of courage and  the will  to go into the future with the desire to   fight  the crisis and to be able to contribute to write it.  (Marcello Marchesini)

    Il Tempo, 11 novembre 2016

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